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“Machinery has been taught arithmetic instead of poetry.”
Charles Babbage, 1832

Jade Templating in Kraken for Node.js

Kraken, the new Node.js framework from the guys at Paypal offers some interesting new features. My favorite so far is its plethora of integrated features, especially around security. It comes standard with LinkedIn's flavor of the Dust templating engine. However, on a tight dev schedule, I really just don't have time to learn something new. Plus, hosted solutions like Nodejitsu and don't seem to support it. So, I wanted to go with old faithful, Jade (the standard in express).

Kraken said it supported multiple templating engines, but I couldn't find the documentation. I went digging and found a test using the Jade templating engine. I found that I needed to set following in my config/app.json:

"view engines": {
     "jade": {
        "module": "consolidate"
"express": {
    "view engine": "jade",
    "views": "path:./.build/templates"

The kicker for me was the consolidate module. I had assumed it would use the jade module.