Charlton Roberts

Creative Developer, Squarespace

“Machinery has been taught arithmetic instead of poetry.”
Charles Babbage, 1832


Charlton grew up in Jackson, Mississippi where it's really hot. He studied Theatre and Computer Science as a President's Scholar at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where its even hotter. He wanted to be an actor, until he realized that that was a terrible idea. He has since moved on to creating things on the internet that look ok and don't break your phone. He has made things for Target, McDonald's, Proctor & Gamble, Sydney Opera House, and TBWA\Worldwide.

Currently, Charlton is making things and breaking things at Squarespace in New York City and knows all the best coffee shops, just ask him. You might be able to reach him at his email, charltonroberts at gmail or at one of the various social media below.